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 Polly ☆
01 October 2006 @ 11:53 pm
This Journal is...

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Because I'm paranoid.

Things you should know before adding me:

@ I write mostly in English. There will be mistakes. I will write in Spanish and German sometimes too. And there will be mistakes in those languages as well.

@ I write about my life. One day I may write about what I have for lunch, then some other day I will rage about some stupid random shit that happened. It's gonna be random and probably not interesting for you to read. If, who knows why, you want to know about my life, then here's where you're going to find that information.

@ I'm a fangirl. I mostly use tumblr to fangirl but I will do some fangirling here as well. Especially about David Tennant and Doctor Who, oh and about the daleks.

That's all.
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